• Handicap Accessibility Home Modification

  • Many times, handicap people are living in houses not designed to be Handicap Accessible, and therefore mobility in their own homes is difficult and sometimes even dangerous. Because his father was on a cane, then crutches, and then in a wheelchair after having his right leg amputated, our owner has a personal understanding and sensitivity to the unique needs and comfort of handicap individuals. Thus, combining renovation skills and experience with the passion to see others’ lives made easier, GLS is distinctively positioned to meet you or your family’s need for a Handicap Accessible home.

    From Ramps to Doorways, Sinks and Counters, Kitchens, Hallways, Flooring, Bathrooms and Showers, Lighting, Porches, Pool Lifts and other miscellaneous items, GLS Remodeling specializes in offering the Home Modification skills necessary to accommodate the changes desired for your family. We’re also experienced working with the US Department of Veteran Affairs on projects for our Disabled Veterans.


    GLS Remodeling Will Assist You in Achieving You or Your Family’s Every Need and Desire for Comfort and Safety.