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  • At the age of 18, our owner, Gil Oelschlager, built his first house, subbing out only the foundation and roof. After several years of remodeling houses in any condition and turning them into homes, he realized that he loved taking something broken, something that need help and work, and making it better than it was new. He then began the company, utilizing his skill and experience to help others realize their desires for their homes and businesses.

  • First commencing the business and working successfully in Florida, his family relocated to the beautiful backdrop of Tennessee in February 2007. GLS Remodeling, LLC (formerly GLS Home and Commercial Services, LLC) and GLS Properties, LLC, a rental property company were established in March 2007.

    Tennessee has become home to Gil and his family and they greatly enjoy helping others take their own visions and dreams of what their home should be and bringing it to life. He realizes that your home is the place you make memories, raise families and, for many, retire.

    GLS enjoys the challenge of bringing your vision to reality. From remodeling of any room, to storm damage, fire damage, or any other work that requires a skilled contractor, contact GLS Remodeling today and start remodeling your house into the home you always wanted.

    GLS...Quality work, GUARANTEED.




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